Schedule Control Engineer

Employment Type Permanent
Job ID PMT-101735-G-K700-00-0047
Job Location Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Job Description

Essential Functions

Develop program and project schedules, collecting and compiling progress and schedule data, monitoring performance, elaborating updates and forecasts reports and facilitating effective project control, under the directives of both the Construction Manager and PM, to ensure coherence and update schedule progresses for action planning.

Schedule Management

  • Preparation of Front-End Schedule (Before Issuance of PJ Control Schedule)
  • Preparation of Project schedules of different levels
  • Perform analyses of schedule trend and project execution performance on a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly basis, facilitating data on status for man planning, material, documentation or equipment in the engineering, procurement and construction field of the given project. If there is adverse symptoms, to raise issues and report.
  • Handle independently more routine and less complex tasks /activities to contribute to functions and projects objectives.
  • Escalate issues and troubleshooting to the Project Manager and Engineering Manager to ensure actions are taken according to set standards.
  • Analyze RFPs, updating execution and scheduling status, to ensure specifications meet the client’s requirements.
  • Coordinate with other departments (procurement, design, etc.) and send the required data to ensure that all the required specifications are captured for the products and items.
  • Develop and regular updating Project Master Schedule and other required detailed level projects schedules as per contract requirements
  • Prepare look ahead schedule and modify detailed schedule accordingly
  • Expedite all disciplines to ensure project schedule project is followed and inform PM/EM for any delay
  • Coordinate with Construction and Engineering to fix CRD (Construction Required Dates) and ERD (Engineering Required Dates) and inform CRDs to Procurement Manager
  • Responsible for preparing monthly and weekly progress reports
  • Prepare and maintain the Project Control Plan and ensure it provides for the effective use of Project resources to achieve Project-scheduling goals
  • Prepare schedule estimates for Changes in the Work and assess their impacts
  • (Detailed responsibilities mention in Responsibility Matrix-xxx)


  • Preparation of Front-End Schedule (Before Issuance of PJ Control Schedule) (D11)
  • EPC Schedule (Level-1) (D12)
  • EPC Schedule (Level-2 & 3) (D13)
  • Preparation of Progress Measurement/Control Procedure (D14)
  • Establishment of Progress Payment Schedule/Milestone Control and Measuring (including Client Approval Procedures) (D15)
  • Reviewing E.P.C. Status and Progress Reports from EM, PPM, CM (D16)
  • Status Analysis, Counter plan for Schedule Delay, Rescheduling (D17)
  • Progress Report (Monthly, Weekly) (D18)
  • Change Order settlement program (EOT) (D19)
  • ERD Control (D32)
  • CRD Control (D33)

 Basic Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (in any field)
  • 3 to 5 years’ experience in Planning & Scheduling in EPC industrial PJs or Oil & Gas preferably in the GCC.
  • To be assigned in Al-Khobar office & at the same time must be willing to be assigned in domestic and/or overseas projects sites.