Project Manager

Employment Type Permanent
Job ID PMT-G-K700-00-0040
Job Location Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Job Description

Essential Functions

To be primary responsible for project profitability. Coordinate, oversee and monitor the building of a project from beginning to end, including budgeting, organizing, implementing and scheduling activities, acting as the face of JCG Gulf in front of the client and properly escalating technical issues to the different stakeholders involved to minimize risks and apply corrective measures, in order to ensure delivery to agreed standards with the client in terms of quality, schedule, cost and time.

  • Coordinate and handle the planning and scheduling of the project for all disciplines involved, defining and setting concrete objectives for proper consecution and organizing team efforts to deliver the work to agreed standards and under the Project Management Department Manager directives, in order to execute the work in the best quality, cost and time conditions.
  • Communicate regularly with all stakeholders involved within the project to gather status information, in order to guarantee smooth completion of all phases under agreed conditions, providing corrective measures when required, in order to minimize risks, project cost control to reduce costs and timing, guaranteeing overall project execution. Communicate with the client on a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly basis in order to advice status on completion and to jointly collaborate, when needed, in determining the best corrective measures to be undertaken within the project, escalating them to each stakeholder involved.
  • Approve, and obtain CLIENT’s approval of proposals for Changes in the Work. Negotiate and settle all contractual and commercial matters with client, sub-contractors, vendors and other project stakeholders including change claims.
  • Oversee all matters necessary to ensure successful execution of the Project Approval of key documents like Plot plans, P&ID, Project Schedules, Project Procedures, Sub-contract scope of work etc.
  • Responsible and Accountable for project progress, schedule, quality, invoice payments and profitability. Draft and Approved all Contractual and Commercial communication to/from outside organizations.
  • Organize and supervise the work of the assigned team to ensure that all work within a specific area of the activity is carried out in an efficient manner, which is consistent with operating procedures and policy.
  • Provide on-the-job training and constructive feedback to assigned team to support their overall development. Promote the organization’s values and ethics in all activities within the team in order to support the establishment of a value drive culture within the organization.

 Basic Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Over 10 years of overall experience in engineering in EPC business field with minimum 5 years as associated Project Manager or EM or equivalent position in EPC field. Experience in medium/large-sized project management within EPC or applicable/similar projects.
  • To be assigned in Al-Khobar office & at the same time must be willing to be assigned in domestic and/or overseas projects sites.