JGC, one of Japan’s leading engineering company, was established in 1928. Since then, JGC has carried out approximately 20,000 projects in Japan & overseas, in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, and East Europe. JGC’s fields of expertise range from the hydrocarbon field, including gas, oil and petrochemicals, to the general industrial field, including pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

From basic planning to commissioning and everything in between design, procurement of materials and equipment and construction, JGC’s engineering services provide a total and consistent system that has been highly evaluated by clients all over the world.  In addition, JGC supports the client’s business from a lifecycle perspective and provides total engineering services that include not only implementation of the project, but also new business planning, optimization proposals, operation and maintenance and system solutions.

JGC Corporation has set up JGC Gulf with a desire to contribute greatly to Saudi Arabia’s further economic development by cooperating on the country’s industrial diversification

JGC Gulf International Co. Ltd. empowers customers to maximize their project benefits

JGC has carried out various EPC projects in the field of oil & gas / refinery / petrochemical for the services throughout the project, from planning to construction, and operation and maintenance (O&M).

JGC Gulf International Co. Ltd. performs the following roles to maximize client’s benefit.

  • EPC Contractor for Industrial Plants / Facilities
  • Consultant for Project Management
  • FEED Contractor
  • Advisor for Industrial Investment