Message from CEO


JGC Gulf International Co. Ltd. (hereinafter called “JGC Gulf”) has been established in 2008 and has been successfully launched as a reliable and professional EPC Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Now, we are in the 2nd stage of our company’s growth to further develop and expand our business to make a great stride.

These days, we perform our EPC Works as well as FEED & Technical Studies in a professional manner by our highly experienced and qualified professionals with variety of ethnicity banded in synergetic harmony.

We are proud of our current presence as a leading IK-EPC Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

JGC Gulf is one of the group Company of JGC Corporation of Japan, and our company operation and EPC Project execution is supported by JGC Corporation to fully transfer the prominent expertise and knowledge in EPC implementation.

In order to enhance the above-mentioned transfer of the prominent expertise and knowledge in EPC implementation, Japanese senior experts are assigned and allocated in several management positions to share and reiterate their state-of-the-art technology, Japanese working expertise and ethics in our organization.

Our Corporate Policy is to perform our high-level Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning services to our Clients with our prominent capability, to finally achieve our Client’s Satisfaction to realize the further growth of economy.

In JGC Gulf, we work with over hundred highly talented Saudi & Bahrainis Staffs/Engineers and by working together in our Project Teams, we provide quite good EPC experience to our Saudi & Bahrainis Staffs/Engineers to effectively improve the EPC expertise as well as the Engineering skills. Through the actual EPC working experience as mentioned above, we keep our strong intention to provide quite effective training to our Staffs/Engineers to continue improving their working expertise & Engineering capability, to finally contribute also to further growth of the Engineering business and the Industrial diversification in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kingdom of Bahrain.

As our corporate philosophy, we keep our strong intention to contribute to the strong and continued growth of economics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain and all Middle East countries as a local professional EPC Company.

Faithfully Yours,

Yuji Tanaka
President and CEO

JGC Gulf International Co. Ltd.